Treated Timber

One of our most popular products is our treated (or tanalised) timber.  Over 35 years, Fall Timber has built a reputation for top quality, competitively priced treated timber.

What is Tanalised Timber?
Tanalised Timber is pressure treated timber that has been treated with TANALITH E, a waterborne product based on copper triazole technology.  Tanalising is an established and proven method of proofing timber against weather, fungal and insect damage.  It is ideal for use in fencing, general construction, garden, agricultural and leisure timber applications.

Agricultural Purlins

Our agricultural purlins are made from home grown green treated softwood which meets PEFC and FSC standards.
Typical Use
Farm Buildings
Sizes Available
12ft (3.6m or 3.66m)
15ft (4.572m)                            
16ft (4.8m or 4.88m)                 
18ft (5.44m)                              
20ft (6.1m)                         
21.6ft (6.6m)                             
23.6ft (7.2m) 

Cross Sections:
3" x 3" (75mm x 75mm)
4" x 3" (75mm x 100mm)
5" x 3" (75mm x 125mm)
6" x 3" (75mm x 150mm)
7" x 3" (75mm x 175mm)
8" x 3" (75mm x 200mm)
9" x 3" (75mm x 225mm)  
12" x 3" (75mm x 300mm)

Cutting to size also available.  See our Tanalised Timber Chart for further details and additional sizes.

Graded Agricultural Timbers
As of 2013 it is expected that all Agricultural Building Timbers will need to be graded to meet with health and safety directives.  In anticipation of this change in the law Fall Timber now have the ability to grade timbers in house so customers can be sure that their timbers meet the new standards set out by RIBDA and other governing bodies.  For further information see our news
article Timber Grading Available On Site.

Treated Boarding

Fall Timber stock an extensive range of long lasting quality green treated boards.

Typical Use
Farm buildings

Sizes Available

"Yorkshire" Boards
Lengths:                    Cross Sections:
3.0m                          22mm x 150mm
3.6m                          19mm x 125mm

Feather Edge Boards
Lengths:                    Cross Sections:
1.8m                          22mm x 150mm

Fence Boards
Lengths:                    Cross Sections:
1.8m                          19mm x 150mm

Heavy Boards
Lengths:                    Cross Sections:
4.8m                          32mm x 225mm
4.8m                          38mm x 300mm

Cutting to size also available.
See our Tanalised Timber Chart for further details and additional sizes.

Treated Sheets

Tanalised Plywood in Pine and Birch manufactured using WBP EXT glues.

Typical Use
Trailer Flooring
Pheasant Rearing Sheds
Timber Buildings
Feeding troughs
General exterior/agricultural use

Sizes Available

8' x 4' (2440mm x 1220mm) Sheets


Cutting to size also available.