Shopping List for Stables:

Tanalised Shiplath for walls
18mm Plywood for kick board/interior walls
12mm Plywood for roof
5" x 3" Tanalised lengths for framework
4" x 2" Tanalised lengths for roof purlins
Roofing felt for external roof covering
9" Fascia board

For Stable doors:

Tanalised Matchboards
5" x 1.5" Tanalised PSE
16" Tee hinges
Brenton bolts
Kick bolts

For "heavy" boarded fence:
3m 6" x 4" Posts
2.4m 9" x 9.25" Fence Boards
3.6m Fence Rails
65mm Galvinised Nails

Garden Shed

Shopping List for Garden Shed:

3" x 2" CLS for framework
13mm Tanalised Shiplath
3" x 2" PSE for door and window frames
3" x 1" PSE for roof edging
9mm Plywood for roof
Roofing Felt
Tee Hinges for door
Brenton Bolt
Miscellaneous nails and screws

Refurbish your horsebox

Shopping List for Horsebox:

18mm or 25mm Birch plywood for ramp
Hardwood laths for ramp
Tanalised birch Plywood for flooring
White polyester ply for interior walls
Film faced ply for partitions
Oak Overlay ply for living areas

Raised Bed Kits

Shopping List for Raised Bed Kits:
2" x 2" Corner Stakes
6" x 1" Boards for sides**
Galvinised Nails

**Many other sizes available to suit your preference including:-
9" x 3" Sleepers
10" x 6" Sleepers
9" x 1.25" Boards
12" x 1.5" Boards

Beehive Composter

Shopping List for Beehive Composter:
18mm Tanalised Birch Plywood cut to size
Feather Edge Boards for roof
Small Tee hinges
Galvinised Nails

Log Store

Shopping list for Log Store:
3.6m Fence rails
3" x 3" Posts
6" x 1" Boards
Galvinised Nails

Garden Planter Box

Shopping List for Garden Planter:
Bespoke Matchboards
44mm x 44mm PSE
Birch Plywood for base

Oak Flooring

Shopping List for Oak Flooring:
Solid or Engineered Oak Flooring
Oak Architrave to match
Oak Skirting Boards to match